Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Abingdon 4x4 Festival 2010

A couple of Barbour 4x4 cars attended the Abingdon 4x4 Festival 2010. This event is an extremely well organised off road 'celebration' with all profits going to charity. They have an excellent off road course of roughly five miles in length. There are easy and hard sections so that all cars from road versions to 4x4 monsters can enjoy themselves.

Needless to say the reaction the Barbour cars got was quite amazing. Nobody could quite believe their eyes as we managed to tackle the hard parts of the course. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and the atmosphere was very friendly. As the pictures and various video materialise we will post links on the website. In the meantime here is a video showing the 2CV's near the beginning of the footage VIDEO

We will definitely return in 2011!