Friday, 22 April 2011

Workshop News

Its been a while since any news from Barbour 4x4 but we can assure you we are still here! Barbour 4x4 is still in a transitional period and once certain workshop materials and equipment are in place we will be able to supply parts for customers.

Therefore due to moving the workshop, summer holidays, world meetings and 2cv raids, chassis production and various metal parts has been temporarily halted. We should be up and running by October with some new changes, including new tooling and chassis jigs.

Diff locks are all in stock as will be 4x4 transmission parts from May.

In the future we will produce web based manuals for home kit builders and more technical information will be available on the web site.

Photos from this years Crapadeuche Trophy in Belgium will be posted soon.

A lot to look forward to plus more videos and a possible Barbour sponsored raid in the summer...