Sunday, 14 April 2013

Update from Louis!

Its been a while since I posted some new information about our products so here's a small update.

Following on from a good start at, things have moved on at a fair pace.

My original workshop at Rignall Garage is no more. Since 2011 nearly all products are supplied direct from our Belgian dealer Pierre Fiocant as 95 % of our sales are in Europe.

Production of all transmission parts are still in the UK and all other parts are manufactured either in the EU or UK.

The last 4 years have seen a great interest in raiding and 4x4 products. To date over 100 Quaife Limited Slip Differentials have been supplied to most of Europe as well as the USA and Australia.

The Type 2 (T2) Chassis is now in the build process and will be available from July 2013. Video available HERE.

Sadly due to several reasons this has taken 2 years longer than imagined. Considerable time was spent on the computer designing the prototype stages, getting the design perfected so we can be confident of producing the best platform available for serious off road and raiding.

Lighter than the previous model and available in 4 options:

1.    4x2 with small springs
2.    4x2 with large springs
3.    4x4 with small springs
4.    4x4 with large springs
(In addition all mounting brackets will be pre-installed for the 4x4 conversion.)

A long haul but very much worth the wait!

Our stainless steel 3 part exhausts for tuned front 2 into 1 systems are now available in Belgium.

2013 will see the introduction of:

•    PO type front bumper with pressed steel over riders. There will be raid and lightweight versions.

•    New centre drive shaft gaiter which is slightly longer and stronger than the previous model.

•    New special front upward bump stop. Not a copy but a special part engineered by us to be better then the unavailable original.

During summer 2013:

•    Open spring adapters with skid plate or the option to open the spring can without removal. Available with this kit will be new spring rods, rod ends, and special spring cone fixings.

•    Variable front knife edges for the conversion of front arms to AK style springs.

Later in 2013:

•    We hope to show off a new track rod end and reinforcement kit. Especially designed and built for racing, raid and off road, but also very suitable for normal road conditions.

Well that is about it for now.

Again I would very much like to say a big thank you to all who have helped over the years.

Without all your contributions, energy, effort and great company, we could not have moved forwards.

Its been great fun so lets carry on getting better whilst not forgetting to enjoy ourselves!!

Remember we do this is all for fun and not to be too serious!!!

Regards to you all